What Is Timber Treatment?

Timber is used widely in the construction of buildings but it is a vulnerable material that can suffer from problems. Damp timber, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm problems can all cause considerable property damage. If your building needs professional timber treatment in Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridge or London, we are available to complete the required work.

Our team has the expertise to carry out timber treatments properly. Contact us to arrange a survey of your property to professionally diagnose the issues.

We provide advice and a treatment plan to rectify the problems and repair the damage caused by timber infestations.

Common Timber Problems and How We Can Help

Timber problems can occur in any of the wooden materials used in property construction. Rising damp, wet rot and dry rot infest joists, beams, lofts, roofs, stairs and floors. The more problematic issues are in the areas you can’t easily see such as the joists. The issues can go unnoticed for a long time, spreading and becoming more severe over the passing months and years.

Wet rot and dry rot are species of fungi that destroy timber. Dry rot is especially difficult to get rid of and can spread throughout a property if left unchecked.

Specialist timber treatment is the only way to ensure that the problem is dealt with properly. Wet rot and dry rot can come back if the cause of the infestation isn’t adequately dealt with. Call a team you can trust to resolve your timber issues professionally. At Anke Damp Proofing we have the experience to eradicate dry rot and wet rot from timber. We provide a guarantee with our work to give customers peace of mind. Contact us today for a consultation.

How Do We Treat Timber Problems?

We begin with a survey of your property to make sure we locate all of the timber issues and to fully understand the construction of the building.

  • We identify the source of the issue, such as inadequate ventilation, faulty plumbing or failing brickwork
  • Our team removes and replaces timbers that are too weak to remain in situ
  • Next, we apply specialist fungicides to the remaining timber
  • Finally, we treat to protect the timber against further infestation

Without completing all of the steps, there is a risk that the timber problems could return. Rely on our team to professionally treat and eradicate damp and rot in your property’s timber.